Brock Rasmussen is an award-winning commercial real estate agent operating in Southwest Florida. Check back periodically for the latest news and updates!

Brock Rasmussen | Reasons to Invest in Southwest Florida Commercial Real Estate

Southwest Florida has emerged as one of the hottest markets in the country when it comes to commercial real estate and industrial complexes. Check out this video for information on why you need to consider Southwest Florida for your next commercial real estate investment.

Buy or Build: Brock Rasmussen on How to Decide What Real Estate Option is Best for Your Company

Making the choice between buying an existing commercial location and building one from scratch proves challenging for many growing businesses. There is an undeniable allure to building a custom structure that is tailor-made to boost a company’s productivity and better meet the needs of its customers and employees.

Q&A With Brock Rasmussen, Commercial Realtor – INTERVIEW

Brock Rasmussen is an award-winning Commercial Realtor in Naples, Florida. Brock joined Lee & Associates in 2015 and is primarily located down the i-75 corridor in Florida. He is a two-time winner of the CoStar Power Broker Award (2017, 2018) for Industrial Leasing in Southwest Florida, and is the youngest recipient of the honor by 10 years.

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Stay current on all the property trends. As a commercial real estate agent, Brock Rasmussen is currently working at Lee & Associates, a Real Estate Firm in Naples, Florida. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Florida Southwestern State. In addition, he is also one of only ten people to have received …

Brock Rasmussen gives 5 Negotiating Tips to Get the Best Deal for Your Client

The objective of negotiating scenarios in the realm of real estate is to secure a price your client will approve of, and landing a final result that both parties agree upon is often no easy task. Commercial agents who are able to drive hard bargains using top-notch negotiating skills will inevitably score better deals for their clients and turnover heftier commissions for themselves.

Our Brokers – Commercial Real Estate Services, Ft Myers – Naples FL, Lee & Associates

The Naples – Ft Myers office was established in 2011 in response to the explosive growth in Southwest Florida and is now recognized as one of the most successful commercial brokerage firms in Southwest Florida. We are backed by the resources of the largest broker-owned firm in the nation.

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Brock Rasmussen is an award-winning Commercial Realtor in Naples, Florida. Brock joined Lee & Associates in 2015 and is primarily located do…

Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in West Florida According to Brock Rasmussen

In the early 2000s, excessive risk-taking and dangerous price inclines lead to a collapse in the American real estate market. When the housing bubble burst, some parts of the nation took the brunt of the blow; Florida was one of these states. In some zip codes, as many as 40% of all homes resulted in foreclosure.

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Brock Rasmussen is a Commercial Real Estate Agent in Fort Myers, FL.

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Brock Rasmussen is an award-winning Commercial Real Estate Agent at Lee & Associates. Operating in the i-75 corridor of SW Florida, Brock specializes in leasing, asset & property management, negotiating and commercial sales.